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8. Apr, 2018


Long time ago, I ( Frank Both ) wanted to make my own LED cube - mainly because I had an interesting idea of what to show on them. Sadly, I never started building it because of the huge amount of work that comes with soldering hundreds of LEDs together, bending each leg such that it can connect with the next, then adding even more wires to be able to create a multiplexing grid. Plus tons of logic, power switches and current sources to drive them all. And I wasn't even daring to dream of full color RGB...

Then came Worldsemi and made LED's smart.

I just started experimenting with some NeoPixel rings, when suddenly my old idea came back into my mind. But I didn't want to design yet another LED cube. My goals are:
- (almost) invisible power and signal wiring of 8x8x8 full RGB dimmable LED's
- easy to assemble (I estimate 2-4 hours - no soldering needed)
- lowest possible cost (full kit will proably around 150 .. 200€)
- open source hardware and software for your cool ideas (STM32 based, Bluetooth, USB?)
- ability to immerse the LED arrangement in de-ionized water to reduce refractions of inner transparent structures
- plus some new features that are related to my untold idea above 8)

See this LINK:

And see this link:
The best 18650 spotwelder for RC`s and electric bikes the KWeld Spot welder.

3D-DIY is a way of LiVe!!!

Banggood for LiVe..

Arduino VU meter WS2812 LED`s

15,- USD TOTAL. Go to the Youtube page for all the building info and CODE.

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My ( SHORT ) Story, for now!

WannaDuino, ( That's Me ) 


YouTuber My youtube Channel

Arduino Fanatic-Electronics Engineer

Patient\sick for LiVe

Crazy\an Alien\Loner

a LiVe,

A short story about me, I had a very hard childhood, BULLIED A LOT, taken from one school to the other. I was a mess because of that, shortly later, I lost my BEST friend my nephew at very young age. And that was for me the day I lost it totally,

( we were unseparated and always together ) from then it was going downhill. But FINALLY, about 2 years, i am a bit better I am still 20 in my brain. I EVEN LOOK LIKE A 20-year-old boy.... And act like it.Why? I will tell you. ( AND NOBODY HAD EVER A CLUE UNTIL I TOLD THEM ) And was near DEATH, Yeah then YOU MUST.
I lost my liVe in drugs for almost 20 years. But NOW, CLEAN from,26-09-2015 and KICKING liVe full force, but with some problems because of my abuse. My lungs are damaged and I am still 20 in my head because when you are doing drugs! you basically standing still in life ( LiVe ). 

I am a well-educated guy and had the best high placed jobs. The most beautiful girls, but all that! Was not better than the DEVIL, DRUGS. If I would stay off drugs in my LiVe!! I was now a FUCKING MILLIONAIRE. Luckily I got my fibe back of money making but the woman I just don`t have the balls for. They will eat me alive. So I will be alone for the rest of my fucking TIME.

MHS vd V..n SORRY.

Now, what helped me???   1, THING ONLY!!       NO.   2 things actually.


2 YouTube.  My youtube Channel

Yes, YouTube. Youtube Has opened my brain to extraordinary ways, it`s letting me do and make things I could never be dreamed of, by learning from other Tubers and online sites. I learned Arduino, programming, Filming, Editing, RC Car/drone building AND MOD THE HELL OUT OF THEM, Diy stuff of home items building, AND SELF SCHOOLING, Meet new friends, and lots more of course.

And it gets expensive too, so yes if Anybody wants to help me, please feel free to email me or get more info.
FOR YOU. I am asking 2 things to help me with.That is subscribe to my YouTube channel and a small donation or so for a cup of coffee. 

 My youtube Channel



26. Oct, 2017

I am a ADDICT for LiVe ( my new Book ) hopefully

I want to write a Book to HELP others, and i started a new YouTube channel for it. PLEASE give it some love. The link is at the bottom of this.

I AM A JUNKY ( And i`m a addict for LiVe ) my name is Simon aka WannaDuino from The Real LiVe.
This is my story about my HEROIN addiction for 20 years, And how i defeated that addiction with faith and pure power of the soul.
It is a decease and not a habit, it is DNA genetic past from generation to generation. So all the BULLSHIT they tell in the clinics! are out of BOOKS written by IDIOTS. Those clearly doesn't have a clue what they talking about.
Luckily there are more and more studies about this and the truth is simple, it is GENETIC.

I am CLEAN now for 2 years the exact date is 26-09-2015 when i was 1 day of of heroin, that my friends was a wake up call. What the fuck must i do with all my NEW free time and with all the shit that is going to happen to me and my brain.
When you doing drugs, in my case heroin, you stand basicly still in LiVe. so from my 20`s till my 40`s i was a zombie and dammaged a lot in my brain, so follow me, in my journey to become human again.

Some info,

You can ask me anything, and i will try to do my best to HELP you or aswer you in any way possible. I LiVe my life now in a verry HUMBLE way, LIYING is an absolute NONO now in my LiVe and that feels so good. Also i embrased the faith, that all what is happening! is for a reason, and that this is MY path to help, talk, be controversial, and be ME finaly. I let myself guide in anyway the faith let`s me. I did it all and i had it all, partys al day long, money all day long, girls, drugs, the best jobs, you name it.
And i did 20 years HARDCORE. It is a BIG story that needs to be write down for others TO HELP THEM.
The doctors and the clinics all told me it was IMPOSSIBLE to get of off HEROIN after so long, there were 2 things they told what would happen to me. 1 OVERDOSE 2 Die young as a junky.
Well fuck them, I PROOVED THEM WRONG OR NOT? Dude anyting is possible ( but only if you have 1 the will 2 the power 3 the FAITH )
All these things i now say, I laught about so hard when i was doing drugs and was younger. I pissed on people and i pissed on all the things they told me, it was all a game for me AND ONLY ME.
That is the point when you are an addict, it`s all about YOU ( ME ) Man i never thought i was having panic attacks or being affraiad in an elevator or just on a stairs, fuck i had it all, i broke down in so many pieces and it hurted so much. IT MAKES YOU HUMBLE.
I hope i can tell and share my story and hope to make a book for us addics to let you see it is possible. My LiVe is now for YOU.

And i am shocked to that there are so many of me now these days with exact the same struggles, it`s not only about the heroin it`s all the drugs, like it said, it`s an GENETIC DNA thing and a DECIESE.

Who can help me get it write down in a book??
My new channel,

With HONOR, Simon. aka WannaDuino

HELP!!! I wannna SHARE my LiVe by a Book and Recording.

Yes i need your help, i want to help others by telling and viewing my struggles as an ex-junky. We all know there hangs a big cloud on top of this topic in general, and in the most time, we addicts are the scum of the society.
I will PROOF THAT WRONG... I always had VERY HIGH PLACED JOBS and had a normal LiVe for what that matters. But was a HARDCORE heroin user in my secret LiVe. ( but i overcome my addiction luckily ) And there comes this book and YouTube channel in the spectrum. O yes, i had my share LiVe of doctors psychos and people telling me what to do, But it NEVER helpt.
YOU need to do it on your own or with the help of an ex-addict that exact know what games we play and that we all act on a genetic implanted disease, YES it is genetic.
PLEASE JOIN MY NEW CHANNEL, And please help me with my book. If you know somebody who can write it down for me or can help in general message me via the contact page. PLEASE, i am NOT the only one, there are SO MANY.

New YouTube Channel,