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You can ask me anything, and i will try to do my best to HELP you or answer you in any way possible. I LiVe my life now in a very HUMBLE way, LYING is an absolute NONO now in my LiVe and that feels so good. Also, i embraced the faith, that all that is happening! is for a reason, and that this is MY path to help, talk, be controversial, and be ME finally. I let myself guide in any way the faith lets me. I did it all and I had it all, party's al day long, money all day long, girls, drugs, the best jobs, you name it.
And I did 20 years HARDCORE. It is a BIG story that needs to be write down for others TO HELP THEM.
The doctors and the clinics all told me it was IMPOSSIBLE to get of off HEROIN after so long, there were 2 things they told what would happen to me. 1 OVERDOSE 2 Die young as a junky.
Well f#@ them, I PROOVED THEM WRONG OR NOT? Dude anything is possible ( but only if you have 1 the will 2 the power 3 the FAITH )
All these things i now say, I laughed about so hard when i was doing drugs and was younger. I pissed on people and i pissed on all the things they told me, it was all a game for me AND ONLY ME. 
That is the point when you are an addict, it`s all about YOU ( ME ) Man i never thought i was having panic attacks or being afraid in an elevator or just on stairs, fuck i had it all, i broke down in so many pieces and it hurt so much. IT MAKES YOU HUMBLE.
I hope i can tell and share my story and hope to make a book for us addicts to let you see it is possible. My LiVe is now for YOU.

And i am shocked to that there are so many of me now these days with exactly the same struggles, it`s not only about the heroin it`s all the drugs like it said, it`s a GENETIC DNA thing and a DECIESE.

Who can help me get it write down in a book??


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