My good dear friend Dan came up with an amazing idea some time ago that involves PASSWORDS, Yes ppl that problem we all have, how and where to store our 999+ passwords of all our accounts and new online lives we are forced into.

He made a very CHEAP and simple but very effective kit that does that job for us in a safe way far away from our CLOUD accounts or APPS we use to store it in.


Here is some info, when you have read it please see the video below, and go to the link I provided to check it out.

I already want 3 pieces 100%


PasswordPump v1.0


This is v1.0 of the PasswordPump, a USB device that manages credentials for up to 254 accounts. Credentials (account names, usernames and passwords) are stored ONLY on the device itself, on two removable EEprom chips using military grade encryption (AES-128). They are not stored in the cloud or in a file on your computer where they are more exposed to hackers. Credentials are backed up on the device itself; i.e. encrypted credentials are moved from the primary EEprom chip to the backup EEprom on demand. You may remove the EEprom chips from the device (perhaps to keep a third or fourth backup). Credentials are entered either via the rotary encoder (on the left) or via keyboard and serial terminal. The device itself is approximately 1 1/8 x 2 3/4 inches, or 29 x 71 millimeters. Currently it's not housed inside of a case, but it should be and will be once design of the case is complete. A preliminary case design is available here (bottom) and here (top). Once my 3D printer arrives and I assemble it I'll be perfecting the case design.



  • Store up to 254 sets of credentials on a single 25LC256 EEprom chip.

  • Credentials are stored in alphabetical order for easy location.

  • Up to 10 failed attempts to enter the master password are allowed, then an automatic chip wipe and factory reset occurs.

  • All credentials are encrypted with AES128, the master password is hashed with SHA256.

  • All encrypted accounts and the hashed master password are salted.

  • The device is not vulnerable to standard password attacks.

  • Backups on external EEprom are encrypted.

  • All credentials can be dumped into a text file for an additional backup (e.g. to a thumb drive that's stored in a safe or safe deposit box, and encrypted).

  • Entry of credentials is supported via keyboard and serial terminal or rotary encoder.

  • Only one master password, up to 14 characters long, is required to access all of your credentials.

  • Automatic logout after 1 hour of inactivity.

  • Optional password generation, 31 characters of random letters, symbols and numbers, for extremely strong passwords.

  • Configure the display of passwords on the device to be on or off.


PasswordPump in action


5. Mar, 2019


It has come to my attention that someone is using my name online in a not so very pleasant way, and for his own gain of free stuff and some other weird things.



There is also someone else that is involved in this that I can`t name for now because I went YET AGAIN to the POLICE. ( what a year ) Let`s say it like this, it is happening to the both of us, ( as I must believe) But that is the job for the police to investigate. I hope that this or those persons read this and will think twice now for doing this again, and think about what you have done already.
I will not share any info regarding this case because it is in investigation now, as we speak. This is the only thing I had the permission to share and put a warning ( AGAIN ) online. I am shocked but also mindblown how dumb some ppl can be when they play their own judges and executors. But it also opened my eye`s with some questions I had before that are now answered. I know what you all gonna say now that this has to do with the first police court case we had earlier this year, I really don`t know. Let that PLEASE to the police. I want proof I want evidence before I make claims. It is not what this or these people have done that is so bad, but what the outcome of this is, was so bad. Again THREATS, SLANDER, and VILE messages because of that. And these things are very serious in Police cases. That`s why I always say, GO TO THE POLICE. This person or persons have broken up an online friendship, and that is BAD. But as I said I now know why.
And that makes my mind at ease. I hope I don`t have to come out with a video with all the proof when it`s over. But man some people are stupid. Or that this is done for getting more attention or traffic to his channel I do not know.
I never have seen any proof of what I or that person or persons have done, so I could never defend myself against it. Sad world.

And you ask for what?
LIKES, FAME, and some free stuff.

( WARNING!! My name and the company`s name is copyrighted and trademarked)
stupid move on your side.


12. Mar, 2019

TRUTH is all that matters ( I will play along with his game ) for 1 time only

There will be a VIDEO coming out with PROOF, under the name of ( FAIR USE )
Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted. "Fair Use" guidelines:

C-L I thought you were smarter than this. again sorry but I have too.
Last thing to say to you as I did already 5 times, GO TO THE POLICE.

And to the ppl that are reading this, Don`t be a judge or executor like he did, without proof. Or any info regarding these allegations this is purely done for attention.
Or even worse. This is a ONE SIDED STORY. The police say LEAF IT ONE SIDED, but man my editing skills are ITCHING to do it BETTER with TRUTH.


14. Mar, 2019

Laws by jurisdiction Criminal defamation by country

Defamation, calumny, vilification, or traducement is the communication of a false statement that harms the reputation of, depending on the law of the country, an individual, business, product, group, government, religion, or nation.[1]

Under common law, to constitute defamation, a claim must generally be false and must have been made to someone other than the person defamed.[2] Some common law jurisdictions also distinguish between spoken defamation, called slander, and defamation in other media such as printed words or images, called libel.[3]

False light laws protect against statements which are not technically false, but which are misleading.[4]

In some civil law jurisdictions, defamation is treated as a crime rather than a civil wrong.[5] The United Nations Human Rights Committee ruled in 2012 that the libel law of one country, the Philippines, was inconsistent with Article 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, as well as urging that "State parties [to the Covenant] should consider the decriminalization of libel".[6] In Saudi Arabia, defamation of the state, or a past or present ruler, is punishable under terrorism legislation.[7]

A person who defames another may be called a "defamer", "libeler", "slanderer", or rarely "famacide".

The term "Libel" is derived from Latin "libellus" (literally, "small book' or "booklet").

Another Warm Welcome To A New Sponsor, JLCPCB

We got contacted by JLCPCB, And they wanted to work with us and sponsor us. This is a company that makes PCB`s at low cost but with high quality.

And of course, we jumped right into it, we already designed a PCB and is in the making as we speak.

This is just a quick announcement and will be followed up soon.

Please visit them and take a look at what they have to offer. You can get 10 PCB`s for only 2 USD

Warm Welcome To FabLabAQ, Our New Sponsor

I came across a project on made by the FabLabAQ team ( Non-profit organization) that caught my eye, and I was immediately interested. It was a simple exquisite tutorial on how to make a PCB LED badge with scrolling text with an ATtiny13. But there was something that made me want to message them, And my gut feeling was right, the story behind this project and other builds of the FabLabAQ team is amazing and also a personal thing as well. So we talked quite a bit and then it became clear to me, I want to help them spread the message and maybe also do what they do here in our country, please go take a look at what they are doing and give them some love.

"FabLabAQ is a volunteer organization, whose components invest their time to spread the maker culture and help to make a better world, where people live in harmony with technology, not enslaved by. FabLabAQ does so not only by sharing a laboratory with digital fabrication machines but also ideas and knowledge, being always open to collaboration and catching new opportunities."

To see what they do, please, visit the following links.


WannaDuino from WannaDIY

My ( SHORT ) Story, for now!

Click on > My Story <

WannaDuino®© , ( That's Me ) 


Art Lover

Business Owner

YouTuber My youtube Channel  WannaDIY©®

Arduino Fanatic-Electronics Engineer

Patient\sick for LiVe

Crazy\an Alien\Loner

a LiVe,

A short story about me, I had a very hard childhood, BULLIED A LOT, taken from one school to the other. I was a mess because of that, shortly later, I lost my BEST friend my nephew at a very young age. And that was for me the day I lost it totally, ( drugs, crime, party`s everything god forbid, I did. Just to try and forget the pain but broke me in so many pieces that to this day I am a wreck )

( we were unseparated and always together ) from then it was going downhill as I said. But FINALLY, for a few years, I am a bit better I am clean and still 20 in my brain. I EVEN LOOK LIKE A 20-year-old boy.... And act like it.Why? I will tell you. ( AND NOBODY HAD EVER A CLUE UNTIL I TOLD THEM ) And was near DEATH, Yeah then YOU MUST.
I lost my liVe in drugs for almost 20 years. But NOW, CLEAN from,26-09-2015 and KICKING liVe full force, but with some problems because of my abuse. My lungs are damaged and I am still 20 in my head because when you are doing drugs! you basically standing still in life ( LiVe ). 

I am a well-educated guy I studied BA Law for 1 year and then Psychology and in my 30`s I even got back to school to learn more. I had the best high placed jobs. The most beautiful girls, but all that! Was not better than the DEVIL, DRUGS. If I would stay off drugs in my LiVe!! I was now a 2 time MILLIONAIRE. 

That`s how hard this problem is, the time that is left for me is for doing things ONLY the good way and to HELP others.

And it feels GOOD.

Now, what helped me???   1, THING ONLY!!       NO.   2 things actually.


2 YouTube.  My youtube Channel  WannaDIY©®

Yes, YouTube. Youtube Has opened my brain to extraordinary ways, it`s letting me do and make things I could never be dreamed of, by learning from other Tubers and online sites. I learned Arduino, programming, Filming, Editing, RC Car/drone building AND MOD THE HELL OUT OF THEM, Diy stuff of home items building, AND SELF SCHOOLING, Meet new friends, and lots more of course.

If Anybody wants to help me, please feel free to email me or get more info.
FOR YOU. I am asking 2 things to help me with.That is subscribe to my YouTube channel and a small donation or so for a cup of coffee. 

Or buy here,

 My youtube Channel  WannaDIY©®

A Brand has been born

24. Jan, 2019

Worldwide Exposure already

We were featured on the Hackster main site and they E-mailed it to all their members too. Now that`s exposure for free.
Click the link to see the mailing. or go to the Clock link in the top menu bar.

23. Jan, 2019

One Tube™ is a hit. ( ONE SHOT )

We could not expect this amazing and huge response to this project we launched.
The number of emails and likes and DM questions on our social platforms was overwhelming. It shocked us, we knew it was an amazingly simple and elegant build that would get some attention, but not on this scale. Thank you so so much. We are struggling to answer all your questions about the One Tube Nixie Clock, please give us some time to respond properly. To be honest, we can never in such less amount of time order all parts and put it all together, So here is the news. We will put it on open_source and give something back to our community, So you all can build it and enjoy the Clock. For those people who can`t build or just want a fully custom build from us will get an email back when we starting to out-source them for order.
Again thanks to all of you amazing people on Instagram/Arduino create/Hackster and here, the notification bars did not stop for 1 minute because of you. We will update asap. Because Version 2 and 3 are in the pipeline. Also a WATCH with One Tube. And please, keep sharing it.

ONE TUBE™, Cheapest and Easiest NIXIE CLOCKS in the world

Would this be something you would buy? Or should we put this to the open source community so you can build and order the parts yourselves? TELL US, See our CLOCK page for more info.
This is V1 but I already have new ideas to make some new ones all with the ONE TUBE™, but every clock a bit different than the other. Some examples, One that is portable with a battery but also with USB power to charge it. Or with a glass dome around it and a colored LED underneath it. And my best one yet, A watch with the ONE TUBE ( the ONE TUBE WATCH™ )
So tell us, Is this the holy grail?

WannaDuino from WannaDIY

We Welcome A Few New Sponsors To Our Website

29. Sep, 2018

A Warm Welcome

As for you, the longtime followers of WannaDuino-WannaDIY, are Banggood and ICStation longtime members of our Sponsors. In the meanwhile, we got more and more Sponsors to our groups like Boldport and Keenlab. But there is news.
We got our FIRST ever AliExpress seller specialized in DIY LED-Solder kits and other Electronic kits directly sold from the factory. We got our first LED kit to send from them and it will be built soon, it`s a large round PCB populated with colored LEDs with an amazing pattern cycle on the microcontroller the,
( STCF2K60S2 ) IC CHIP. It is a very large PCB and looks like art, it will be posted ASAP. Also, we are in contact with HAKKO, they want to Sponsor us also because we need to solder most of our electronics, we might as well go for the best.
Stay Tuned."You Sponsor, we Advertise" A WIN-WIN situation, who does not want that? #WannaDIY

18. Oct, 2018

LED RING KIT Ready For Action

The LED Ring is al soldered up and ready for you all to see it in ACTION.
Click on the link to see some LED-PORN.

Gr WannaDuino from WannaDIY

26. Dec, 2018

1Sheeld+APP, The new way of Arduino. Just Amazing

We welcome 1 of a few new companies we start to work with from now on, they made the 1Sheeld and an APP for iOS and Android. No more sensors, or displays or whatever output device you normally would need to get an Arduino to work, Yes this sounds weird but it the truth. Let us introduce you the 1Sheeld. This Arduino shield will change the way you used sensors before. All you need is your smartphone, why? because all the sensors are already on your phone like GPS a display, microphone, speaker, gyro, and many more as we no. The 1Sheeld makes wireless communication through the latest Bluetooth communication protocol.
More info will follow shortly. But this is a game changer 100%.
Check it out here,

You only need the 1Sheeld+ and your smartphone +APP for iOS and Android

You only need your Smartphone + APP, and this 1Sheeld, to do it all.2019 will be the year we change things.

Boldport Art Soldering Kits ( Only for Members )

Electronic projects for the curious We are changing the


PCB DIY Soldering ART

Go to,

JOIN THEM for exclusive monthly soldering kits

LED Ring Aurora Style

ORDER IT HERE, and send them a message with the CODE,
( WannaDuino send me here ) To get 10% extra off, of your total order.


kWeld – Next level battery spot welder New STOCK

kicksurfer – electric DIY standup scooter

kWeld – complete kit NEW STOCK TODAY 01-08-2018 ORDER


Shocking news to reveal when it is all done and over

14. Nov, 2018

Copyright infringement by 3rd party`s

You all seen the weird COPYRIGHT header on our homepage, that has a reason, and this will all be explained when we can.

We all heard of it as business owners and probably some of you dealt with it. In a short word, it`s called stealing, But also false accusations ( and more ) We can't say much at this time but you all will be shocked when we reveal our story when the legal actions are done and we can explain what is happening behind closed doors. It is impossible to say how much time this will take, but we will keep you all updated.
A few examples,

( Copyrighted Name\Images using, And false accusations, because of that death threads, images all on 3rd party sites. Who now also combined forces with us against this person or persons)

But this is a one of a kind one that we until today never have seen before. ( The person is mentally ill ) So we must take it with precaution to protect that person.
When we come out with this story we will, of course, let you all know how you can protect yourself against these kinds of things, and how to respond and take care of it, STEP BY STEP. This is also for non-business owners but we will explain that there and then.

With sincere greetings WannaDuino® from WannaDIY© .

19. Nov, 2018

New update to the legal case and Google-Youtube case

We bin contacted by Google and Youtube regarding a few of our cases ( To use in our court case ), That the main content of the copyrighted material is deleted by the 3rd party`s. Only sad for them, 1- too late, ( we gave them 1 chance to apologize via email )
2- we already had copy`s of it and send it all to Google, and Youtube and our legal team.
But this gives us, even more, hope to win because by deleting all of the content you basically say, YESSS!!!! I\WE DID IT. And to today we never had any apologies from any of him\them. Do not forget what happened to us because of him\them,

( Copyrighted Name\Images using, And false accusations, because of that death threads, images all on 3rd party sites )

As for the most of you know that we as website owners can see who is visiting us, from where and with what IP address YOU visit us. Now here comes another PROOF chapter for our case. ( and we will show it on a graphic globe chart when we allowed to do it when the case is done ) because this is some hardcore evidence we are tickled about. Right after they used our material our visitors went up by 50% that week. And we could see from where. Can you see why we are TICKLED? And yes we know YOU are reading this,
( EXACT LOCATIONS ) Thank god for technology and Google and Youtube all on the same side. Like we said this will take time but we will show EVERY SPEC OF EVIDENCE when we can. Because the person has a small group of +-10 to 15 persons on his side that also have outlets on the web that Youtube and Google are searching true for shreds of evidence ( As we do also of course ) It takes time. We are so sorry that this problem invades our privacy and is open for you to see, but this must be done. So thank you ALL for the great support it is highly appreciated.

With sincere greetings WannaDuino® from WannaDIY©

20. Nov, 2018

Mr Growing Old Disgracefully, CONTACT US NOW!!!

Money ain't the TING to take from YOU. We got enough of that already, but!!! if we must we do it Mr. R.S.T. Art will be your payment and an open excuse.
Before YOU contact us Mr. R.S.T. Ask your two smart friends M and J so they can tell you THIS IS THE ONLY WAY to get of the S(HOOK). Or all the art money will be taken from you as some of the pieces of evidence are pretty factual and accurate. We will not spill our BEANS, but just enough to get YOU TICKLED as well.

24. Nov, 2018

TROUBLE in paradise Federal Police involved

Yes, we were contacted by Google and Youtube personally. To make an official police statement against a few individuals for our court case regarding info that is already public. We cannot say much but let me say this, ( O BOY )
This is not a ( small claims court case anymore ) We talking about jail time now for a few. We thought they would get a big fine and that would be the end of that, but!!!! our legal team told us that this is a criminal offense right from the start, and they were right. What we do know now that these cases will take months. And that the offenders are being watched on every move they make.
Still, we not bin contacted by anyone regarding this case to make a mence~, But only by you people to give us a warm heart, and we thank you for that.
So we did EVERYTHING to do it the right and humble way. It is out of our hands now. So sorry for the families but this is the outcome of stupidiness.

7. Dec, 2018

Great Britain`s Police involved now to help us

This case is getting bigger and bigger by the week people, what i can reveal is that the investigations are on 3 people now. The rest of the complainants are not of interest for legal actions but to fines. As we said this will take time and a lot of money but that will be not our problem after this is done, it`s theirs.
So stay tuned and thank you for the nice words.

7. Jan, 2019

Case Closed, Update regarding case, especially for 3 persons

I was contacted on different occasions by people I personally not no but from hearsay, and with the same interest, to bundle the power to say it like that against the people we fight. Yes, it was discussed by the team, but I can`t do it and I won`t do it. I even told the team that I drop the case and pay the fee for it. I will not include who it was or is or what exactly happened but there must be a bigger one in this story. Let that be me, I chose to use MY TIME WISELY. The bit I still have must be in peace. So I know you 3 reading this or will mail me again, sorry I can't, and i will also not exchange any info. It is all destroyed. ( NOT ) lol. And to you all, thank you from the bottom of my half working heart and lung.
( sorry a day without laughter is a sad day )

BIG NEWS,I sold the company finally, It is that time.

What an amazing feeling, one year in the making to get this done, I had to. My health is deteriorating so fast and I want to be close to my family in my last days/years who knows. We all knew this was coming but like I said before I am not scared anymore, I must say I had a blast, ups, and downs tears and laughter. These 4 years went quick, at the start of it they told me I would live only a few months, BUT I BEAT THAT,LOL. ( 4 yrs ) I knew my mind and believe, was stronger. But it finally gave up on me.

The website will be maintained as before, so no worries peeps, I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my broken heart ( I had to say it ) ( and 1 lung )




WannaDuino ( Simon )

Arduino VU meter WS2812 LED`s

15,- USD TOTAL. Go to the Youtube page for the build link info and code.


26. Oct, 2017

I am a ADDICT for LiVe ( my new Book ) hopefully

I want to write a Book to HELP others, and I started also a new YouTube channel for it, so if I meet somebody or I just want to tell something it will be posted there randomly. PLEASE give it some love. The link is at the bottom of this.

I AM A JUNKY ( And i`m a addict for LiVe ) my name is Simon aka WannaDuino from The Real LiVe.
This is my story about my HEROIN addiction for 20 years, And how i defeated that addiction with faith and pure power of the soul.
It is a decease and not a habit, it is DNA genetic past from generation to generation. So all the BULLSHIT they tell in the clinics! are out of BOOKS written by IDIOTS. Those clearly doesn't have a clue what they talking about.
Luckily there are more and more studies about this and the truth is simple, it is GENETIC.

I am CLEAN now for 3+ years the exact date is 26-09-2015 when i was 1 day of of heroin, that my friends was a wake up call. What the fuck must i do with all my NEW free time and with all the shit that is going to happen to me and my brain.
When you doing drugs, in my case heroin, you stand basicly still in LiVe. so from my 20`s till my 40`s i was a zombie and dammaged a lot in my brain, so follow me, in my journey to become human again.

Some info,

You can ask me anything, and i will try to do my best to HELP you or aswer you in any way possible. I LiVe my life now in a verry HUMBLE way, LIYING is an absolute NONO now in my LiVe and that feels so good. Also i embrased the faith, that all what is happening! is for a reason, and that this is MY path to help, talk, be controversial, and be ME finaly. I let myself guide in anyway the faith let`s me. I did it all and i had it all, partys al day long, money all day long, girls, drugs, the best jobs, you name it.
And i did 20 years HARDCORE. It is a BIG story that needs to be write down for others TO HELP THEM.
The doctors and the clinics all told me it was IMPOSSIBLE to get of off HEROIN after so long, there were 2 things they told what would happen to me. 1 OVERDOSE 2 Die young as a junky.
Well fuck them, I PROOVED THEM WRONG OR NOT? Dude anyting is possible ( but only if you have 1 the will 2 the power 3 the FAITH )
All these things i now say, I laught about so hard when i was doing drugs and was younger. I pissed on people and i pissed on all the things they told me, it was all a game for me AND ONLY ME.
That is the point when you are an addict, it`s all about YOU ( ME ) Man i never thought i was having panic attacks or being affraiad in an elevator or just on a stairs, fuck i had it all, i broke down in so many pieces and it hurted so much. IT MAKES YOU HUMBLE.
I hope i can tell and share my story and hope to make a book for us addics to let you see it is possible. My LiVe is now for YOU.

And i am shocked to that there are so many of me now these days with exact the same struggles, it`s not only about the heroin it`s all the drugs, like it said, it`s an GENETIC DNA thing and a DECIESE.

Who can help me get it write down in a book??
My new channel,

With HONOR, Simon. aka WannaDuino

All my gear comes from BANGGOOD, check the link, ( free shipping )

Scan me with the Instagram Camera.

From Rc`s t tech to Arduino and clothes i buy it all at BangGood, i would never be thought i would do this but it is AMAZING, and the service is unbelievable. So you have a problem? THEY SOLVE IT. 100%. Even the expensive stuff above the 30USD to 500USD 10.000USD, you choose FREE or Priority so you have no trouble with the LAW.

Click on this link to see what the big discounts they have and don`t forget to SAVE this link as your favorite Store.


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I do product reviews for them and get often SPECIAL DISCOUNT CODES, only for VIP5 MEMBERS like Me, So keep looking now and then here, I will post them for you. Most of the links I share are affiliated that means I get a small 2/5% of the order in points to use as discounts.

 WannaDuino© .











The legal penalties for copyright infringement are: ... The law provides a range from $200 to $150,000 for each work infringed. Infringer pays for all attorneys fees and court costs. The Court can issue an injunction to stop the infringing acts.


Copyright in the Netherlands ( EU ) and Worldwide is governed by the Dutch Copyright Law (called Auteurswet), copyright (auteursrecht in Dutch) is the exclusive right of the author of a work of literature or artistic work to publish and copy such work.[1]

A work of literature or artistic work attracts copyright at its fixation. No formalities, such as copyright registration, are necessary to obtain all the exclusive rights that the Dutch copyright provides. The duration of a copyright is generally 70 years after the death of the author.[2] The term "work" includes many materials, such as books, brochures, films, photographs, musical works, works of visual art and geographical maps.[3] Furthermore, the Dutch Supreme Court has ruled that to be considered a work, it should have its own, original character with the personal imprint of the author (HR 4 January 1991, NJ 1991, 608(Van Dale/Romme))[4]. This threshold of originality has since been superseded by a decision of the European Court of Justice (C-5/08) and is now "The author's own intellectual Creation".


With sincere greetings WannaDuino®©