ATTiny85, WS2812B, Touch Switch Acrylic Ornament Display

This is a full color LED case that can be turned on and even go to the next color by TOUCH. ( so no switch ) works as a touchscreen. I used an ATTINY85 from Digispark, a Touch sensor and 4 WS2812B`s that are sold by the 100 and are not connected to each other like the strips do, so you need to solder the wires yourself.
It starts with the color RED, and then you can switch to the next color by touch. And has a total of 14 COLORS and after scrolling true all the colors it will go in the OFF state. But can of-course turned ON again.

SloMo (Slow Motion) Frame DIY Kit

Inspired by the Slow Dance frame, upon the Slow Dance Frame created by Jeff Lieberman.
An amazing OPTICAL ILLUSION that is tricking your mind with ELECTRONICS and engineerings skills.
This makes it able to view real-live objects move in what appears to be slow motion with our naked eyes. It is so surreal and mesmerizing.


  • Arduino Nano, Max7219 led matrix

    Scrolling Text
    Just a simple sketch to set a text message , from right to left.

  • Arduino UNO, Max7219 led matrix and the Bluetooth module HC-06

    Controlled by an APP via Bluetooth.
    With some awesome memory parameters, to set messages, and change them with one single command by the APP via Bluetooth.


    1 of my best top 10 achievemends, the WIFI door alarm, with E-MAIL and SMS notivication.
    Will be talked about SOON.

  • My own build- ANET A8 3D PRINTER Prusa M3

    My completely MODDED 3D printer.
    I made some amazing TimeLaps videos while printing.

    Check my YouTube Channel.

  • MODDED BayangToys X16 brushless quad


    Check my YouTube Channel.

  • Yep!!!


  • You only wil believe it, when you seen it.


    i made it MYSELF.

  • follow up

    The test box, but i wil make a BIG frame.

    i made my first PCB see next picture.

  • follow up, but READY PCB.

    YES, from breadbord to PCB.

    i made it MYSELF.