Police Killed MY DRONE!!!!  But!! Did you ever seen horses with their DICKs on the back????


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Some things and Mods that are coming these months, at the ChopQuadShop of WannaDuino!!!
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What you seen in the video,( some things of the HOLY SHIT, MODS )

Eachine Falcon 210 Pro
MJX Bugs 3
BayangToys X16
Ao SenMa CG035
JLB Cheetah
550 frame Quad build
DRONE D1 nano
QS5010 micro helicopter
Taranis QX7 Yeah Buddy!!!!
2x Turnigy 9X FlySky ( 1, original ) and 2e Moded total.
FS I6 Touch 10CH FlySky
Eachine I6 FlySky now 6CH but will be 10CH soon after MOD.
HK iI6 also FlySky

Music: Anim Vibe - Fly Away. ( LOL )

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