This is a NEW FRIEND of me, And i am glad to help him. Please check him out via the links below.

He had an AMAZING INVENTION called THE, 

kWeld battery spot welder

And you can buy it here,


- the system firmware has been extended by a bootloader that allows firmware updates via a simple serial connection. All you need is a terminal program that supports YMODEM file transfers, and an adapter that is available in the shop:

- a first sample of a 3D printed housing has arrived, and I am currently testing it. I plan to make it available on the shop, and also to provide the 3D data for free to allow you printing your own.

- I have tested a new type of Lipo battery for use with the welder: Turnigy nano-tech 3S 5Ah 130C ( This is the first battery that has survived more than one hour of continuous torture testing without any measurable swell or other damage. This is so far the only Lipo that I can definitely recommend to you. If you are interested, then you can download the torture test results here: 

- the electrode system needed to go through a third iteration. The battery torture test showed that the previous system had a too high ohmic resistance and was heating up too quickly. As a side effect, I could again significantly reduce the involved machining effort. The new system only requires crimping the cable to a brass tube, thread tapping it as well as the copper electrode, and heat shrinking an isolation. This also makes electrode replacement easier than ever before.

As the previous electrode design did not meet my quality requirements, I will inform all pre-order customers that they will receive the new design instead at no additional cost.