TUTORIAL 555.CHIP To Breadbord-PCB

1. Sep, 2017

In this project we will make a Touch on Touch off switch circuit using 555 timer IC on a breadboard. This circuit has two pairs of touch conductors. Touching one of the conductor pairs turns on the LED and touching the other pair turns the LED off. Watch the video for detailed step by step instructions on how to build the circuit.

You can also use this circuit as a touch alarm by replacing the LED+resistor with a buzzer. AC or other high load appliances can be controlled by coupling the output of 555 timer IC to a relay. This circuit can output a maximum current of about 200mA. So any components like LED's, motors etc. that consume less than 200mA can directly be connected to the output of IC 555.

Components Required:

555 timer IC
6V DC Power Source
270Ohm Resistor
Breadboard Connectors
Touch Probes/conductors
Circuit Diagram:

touch on touch off circuit using 555 timer schematic
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25. Aug, 2017

It has begun... Like a Swizz Clock, Timing is Evident here.

22. Aug, 2017

All, IC 555 LED projects that do different things.

22. Aug, 2017

The CHIP Itself,
This will be the BEGINNING of the IC, NE555P EXPLORATION-Tutorial